Steve Archer

Steve Archer was an innovative craftsman and tread setter with fiberglass. In the 1970's Steve was working at perfecting the "art" of using fiberglass for both components, as well as complete bodies for hot rods. Both his abilities and products were used extensively to create award winning hot rods. His product line in the early 70's included 1923 T bodies, pickup beds in various lengths, turtle decks, modified roadster fenders, blower scoops, gas tanks, dashboards and grill shells. In 1974, he produced the first fiberglass reproduction of a 1932 Ford roadster. The car was featured in the June, 1974 issue of Hot Rod magazine.


His ability and parts played a big role for six America's Most Beautiful Roadster award winners, ( 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1987). Another of his cars, built for the Oakland Roadster show, won the "Best Engineering" award in 1975. In 1978, Phil Cool won the AMBR with a 1932 Ford roadster using one of Archer's reproduction bodies, along with Steve's reproduction gas tank, grille shell and dash board. Following the "Oakland" win, the car was featured on the cover of the July, 1978 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.


In addition to award winning vehicles, Steve contributed his body and paint work talents to Reggie Jackson's Accel project car. He also contributed his body and painting talents to the Roy Brizio built 1932 Ford roadster of James Ells, which won the AMBR in 1987. Another one of Steve's bodies was used by Tom Sentor, who at the time was the editor of Hot Rod Magazine, in his successful assault on the 1978 World Land Speed Record in his class.


Darrell felt that Steve Archer never received the recognition he deserved, from his peers. He believes that Archer's abilities, products and accomplishments outshine many of the builders included in the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. In an attempt to correct this, two of Steve's contemporaries, Andy Brizio and Don Tognotti, created the "Steve Archer Award", in 1998. The award was designated for the Oakland Roadster Show entry displaying the best "Fit and Finish". Darrell and Kenny March, another long time employee of Archer's, were chosen by Brizio and Tognotti to select the winner of this award beginning with the 1998 show.


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